Sony – Why I am changing over from Canon

How it Started…

My first dive into DSLR photography, well, real photography was with the Sony Alpha 200. A modest little machine which really got me into shooting in manual modes and playing with off camera lighting etc. I absolutely loved the camera, but unfortunately this was soon stolen with all my gear from my car one night.

Getting my First Canon

I decided to follow the sheep and went over to Canon. Nothing wrong with that. I have stuck with Canon loyally for around 10 years now. My 7D has been an absolute beast of a machine, standing up to some of the worst conditions. From dust storms and extreme heat in the African deserts to salt water splashes from many a point break over the years. With an even more recently a trip to Victoria falls, which saw it completely soaked with water. Yes it was still functioning. I paired my Canon with the SPL A-Series Housing.

It has done me well, but as you shoot and find your way in your field you soon start to realize what it is you really need and desire in your equipment. This is what has led me down this path right now.
Canon 7DNow I have had my eye on the Sony range ever since I first used the a200, but with no real intent to change, that is until my good friend changed over to the Sony a7S, being a videography this was a fantastic move for him, and he has since stuck with Sony because of the fantastic image quality he can produce with these amazing cameras. Being highly excited by new gear, I longed to have the capabilities that they offered. The price point just wasn’t in reach for me.

Sony and it’s Compact Quality

With the mirror-less industry growing fast and some amazing new camera models coming out the a6000 came into my targets. It had a lot of features, but still lacked a few that I wanted. Soon came the a6300 which I almost bought, but with the rumors of the a6500 around the corner, I waited. I really wanted touch focus options for video and IBIS (In Body Image Stabilization). Just one problem, I don’t like adapters, and Sony is still lacking in the e-mount lens department.

So a few months have gone by and I have seen some great new focus from Sigma and even Sony with regards to lens options that it now really seems like a viable option for me.

Sony a6500

Now why the a6500 you still ask, why not the a7r or the newly release a9. Well for one huge reason, I want a small compact camera. I don’t want to lug around a big bag of gear every time I travel, this is my biggest pet peeve. Once I had held the a6300 in my hands, and seeing it with a surf housing, I was sold on its size alone. The shear size of it makes it an absolute winner for me.

In Conclusion

So that is why I am jumping ship and going over to the really dark side. I think with the new lens offerings popping up and the new a9 coming into the market, the e-mount lens system is not going to disappear anytime soon.


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